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Meet Regal Nonpareil:

Reddy Raw’s private label to a multitude of items is synonymous with unrivaled quality. We source our products globally to ensure the highest quality of product for every item packed under the Regal Nonpareil label. Whether it is fruit, vegetables, french fries, chicken, or appetizers, our products meet the most stringent of standards and specifications to meet all foodservice safety needs.  Regal Nonpareil items have become a renowned foodservice label requested by the best chefs, distributors, and manufacturers.

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We serve a variety of markets and solutions:


We have what you need when you need it. We are here to help fill your supply needs with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Pizza Distributors

Any way you slice it we have a wide selection of the finest pizza toppings for you to support your product offerings. You can choose from…. shredded cheeses, all the vegetables you can imagine, a variety of meat toppings, and maybe even a fruit or two to add to make your product list complete.

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Institutional Distributors– School, Hospital, Prison, State Programs

We have the foodservice staples you count on for your Institutional clients that help support their daily meal services. Check out our variety of IQF fruits, vegetables, and frozen potatoes.


We have products geared towards manufacturing and ready for production. Whether a Bakery, Meal Kit, or Pet Food, we have the finest quality ingredients you need that will save prep time.

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Specialty and Ethnic Food Distributors

For the most discerning chefs we offer a long list of ethnic foodservice items to tantalize any palate. We have the ingredients you want to create the most flavorful recipes and ready to add to your next Asian, Latin, or Indian dish.

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