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Reddy Raw was founded in 1948 by Sam Baum upon returning from his service in World War II. Reddy Raw’s humble beginnings were in producing and selling chopped onions and potatoes so that chefs did not have to. Sam’s mission was to offer “simple staples at affordable prices”. It was this foundation that allowed Reddy Raw to continue to expand and source frozen vegetables, fruits and ready to fry frozen potatoes in all shapes and forms.

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Reddy Raw moved to our current location in 1990, which allowed us to expand our storage capabilities and to serve the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with our own fleet of trucks. In the third generation of ownership, Reddy Raw still maintains Sam’s legacy of quality products at affordable pricing. In addition to carrying those simple staples, we have grown our product offering to over 1000 SKUs of frozen, fresh, and dry products. Reddy Raw has maintained strong, long tenured partnerships with our vendors which assures the highest quality in product and consistency to its customers. Global sourcing for items packed under our Regal Nonpareil label allows us to stay strong in our commitment to “Just in Time” service, of quality products at affordable prices.

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